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Global Chinese Language and Culture Center Global Chinese Language and Culture database for teaching and learning
Learn Chinese Online Complete database for learning Chinese online by Dr. TianWei Xie

Chinese Translator

ImTranslator Free online translation in many languages
AltaVista-Babel Fish Translator Free online translation for text and web pages
Google Translator Free online translation for text and web pages

Chinese-English Dictionary

Chinese-English Dictionary by Lin YuTang One of the most comprehensive and popular Chinese-English Dictionaries
Chinese Tools Free tools for Chinese translation and dictionary
Chinese Language Learning Materials
Dragonwise- HongKong University http://www.dragonwise.hku.hk/dragonwise
Writing - Ministry of Education(Singapore)
Zhongwen http://zhongwen.com/
Chengo Chinese http://www.elanguage.cn
Educities http://www.educities.edu.tw
Story http://edu.ocac.gov.tw/ocac99asp/
Beijing Language and Culture University http://www.eblcu.net/index.html
Continue Education http://content1.edu.tw
Lifelong Education http://lifelong.edu.tw
Chinese Way to Go http://www.chinesewaytogo.org
Council for Cultural Affairs-Children http://children.cca.gov.tw/children/
Chinese Literature Resource http://cls.hs.yzu.edu.tw/
Chinese distance learning class http://www.ntnu.edu.tw/tcsl/Wwwcai/Wcover.htm
Learn to write characters http://www.csulb.edu/~txie/azi/page1.htm
Video Clip of Survival Chinese http://www2.kenyon.edu/People/bai/VCSC.htm
Chinese video Exercises

http://camel2.conncoll.edu/academics/departments/chinese/mhu/videos2/index /index.html

Conversational Mandarin Chinese online http://www.csulb.edu/~txie/ccol/content.htm
Integrated Chinese http://eastasia.hawaii.edu/yao/icusers/default.htm
Learn Chinese online eChineseLearning provides one-on-one live online Chinese lessons using free video instant messaging software. Learn Chinese online with teachers in Beijing!
AllMandarin Online Chinese Lessons for Kids AllMandarin provides online kids' Chinese lessons. The organization says that it will ensure all learning activities and materials are age-appropriated for the child.
Chinese Resource from Universities
Graduate Institute of teaching Chinese as a second language http://www.ntnu.edu.tw/tcsl
Univ. of Vermont-Chinese Language program http://www.uvm.edu/~chinese
The Humanistic Education Foundation http://hef.yam.org.tw/english/index.htm
Harvard Univ.- Chinese Language Program http://www.fas.harvard.edu/~clp
Academic Resource and information ctr http://cls.hs.yzu.edu.tw/

Chinese Schools

National Counsel of Associations of Chinese Language Schools http://www.ncacls.org/
Chinese Language Teacher Association http://clta.osu.edu/
Chinese School Association in the United State http://csaus.org
Chinese School Association of Secondary- Elementary Schools http://www.classk12.org/files/links.htm
Midwest Chinese School Association  
Association of Chinese Schools http://www.acsusa.org/
NCACLS Huston Association http://www.ncacls.org/ncacls_Huston.htm
Association of Northern California Chinese Schools http://www.anccs.org/
Southern California Council of Chinese Schools http://www.scccs.com/
Boston Lexington Chinese School http://www.lcs-chinese.org/index.html
Naperville Chinese School
Chicago Northwest Chinese School http://www.cnscs.org
Good Deeds Academy http://GoodDeedsAcademy.home.comcast.net
Learn Chinese in China Learn Chinese in China. The Hutong School provides intensive Chinese language courses and Internship placements in Beijing, China. Accommodation and cultural activities are part of its programs.
Chinese Festivals
Chinese Festival http://edu.ocac.gov.tw/festival/festival_e.html
Festival Daystory http://www.kingbaby.com.tw/daystory/daystory_m.htm
Chinese Search Engines
Yam http://www.yam.com.tw/
Yahoo Taiwan http://tw.yahoo.com
Yahoo Chinese http://chinese.yahoo.com/
Openfind http://www.openfind.com.tw/
Sina ttp://www.sina.com/
ChinaVista http://www.ChinaVista.com/
Chinese Culture
National Palace Museum http://www.npm.gov.tw
National Museum of History http://www.nmh.gov.tw
Government information Office http://www.gio.gov.tw/
Council for Cultural Affairs http://www.cca.gov.tw/
Overseas Chinese Affairs Commission, ROC http://www.ocac.gov.tw/
The Wedding Banquet http://ml.hss.cmu.edu/courses/suemei/banquet/banquet.html
National Chiang Kai Shek Cultural Center http://www.ntch.edu.tw
Children Story http://www.cca.gov.tw/children
Chinese Software
TwinBridge http://www.twinbridge.com/
NJ-Star http://www.njstar.com.au
Union Way http://www.unionway.com/
How to install Pinyin input http://abc.iis.sinica.edu.tw/tp/howtoinstall.htm
Index of /chinese/reading/tools/ http://www.lang.uiuc.edu/chinese/reading/tools/
ChineseViewer BIG5 in MS-Win http://www.twnic.net/big5/index.html
On-Line Chinese Tools http:///www.erols.com/eepeter/chtools.htm
Eten http://www.eten.com.tw/

Chinese Education Supplement

Chinese Calligraphy Video Tutorial http://www.art-virtue.com/tutorial/index.htm
Chinese Plus http://www.chineseplus.com



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