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The Chinese Dancing Class is offered by Rosa Yeh

dance studio

The Chinese dancing class is offered by Mrs. Rosa Yeh in the EZlearnChinese School. This class works on the traditional folk dancing movements, basic Chinese Opera and fundamental Chinese Kung Fu to build on the essential technique. In addition to learn the dances, our students also learn history and geography of the dances.

Dance Class

Chinese Tradition Dance

Traditional Chinese Dance

Dragon Dance, Feather Fan Dance, Traditional Chinese Ribbon Dance, Ribbon Dance, Silk Fan Dance, Sword Dance ribbon dance

Chinese Folk Dance

Chinese Folk Dance

XingJiang Drum Dance, Taiwanese Folk Dance, Taiwan Aborginal Dance, Kung-Fu Fan Dance, Yunan Dai folk dance, Dunhuang Aesthetic Dance XingJiang Dance

Modern Dance

Chinese Modern Dance

Combination of Live Music and Dance: Dance of "Nurture" adopted the music composed and performed by a group of 8-12 year old Children, Dance of "Mother and Daughter" performed with live music. Calligraphy Dance combined the art of dance and Chinese calligraphy demonstration.

Modern dance

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