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The Chinese Yo-Yo class is offered by Richard King.

The Chinese Yo-Yo, also called a diabolo, is the Chinese equivalent to the western yo-yo. This toy includes two sticks tied together with a string and a spool. The point of the game is to keep the spool spinning and prevent it from hitting the ground. When spun up, the spool will create a mysterious whirling sound. Traditionally played by youngsters as a form of entertainment; this ancient sport has a long history traced even to the Ming dynasty. Presently, this device is generally performed for major Chinese festivals or holidays such as the Chinese New Year.

The Yo-Yo team frequently performed in many communities. The following are the major performances in 2004.

  • 2004 Chinese New Year celebration at Oakton Community College.
  • The team was performing at Highland Park Country Club for Highland Park senior Center on 7/15/04 and in Gary, Indiana on 7/10/04.
  • The team was also invited to perform in the Chinese Folk Festival in August and Double ten parade in Chinatown in October, 2004.

In this class you will learn some basic and intermediate Chinese Yo-Yo tricks.

If you need any information, please send your email to: go2clc@yahoo.com

  • just loop the yo-yo with your right stick
  • pull the yo-yo towards the right to build speed
Stick Trick
  • Accelerate the yo-yo
  • Turn 90 degrees facing the left
  • Toss the yo-yo onto the right stick (keep the string taunt)
Ant Climbing up Tree
  • Loop the yo-yo, same way as you accelerate.
  • Turn the string so that the left hand is on top of the right.
  • Pull the string taunt
  • Loosen the string to let the yo-yo down
Around the moon
  • Stretch the string horizontally till it taunt
  • Control the yo-yo to one side
  • Slow bring the yo-yo around your head. The yo-yo moves from between you arm and head first, then back out from the outside
  • Flip the yo-yo counterclockwise
  • Turn 90 degrees facing the left
  • Let the yo-yo slide along the string as you rotate your arms around the yo-yo for inside-out.
Leg Trick
  • Put your leg over the string
  • Toss the yo-yo from the left side to the right, clockwise around your leg
  • Finish by pulling your leg back
  • Hold both sticks in the left hand
  • Place the yo-yo to your left
  • Use 2 fingers (which ever one is easier for you) and hold the yo-yo from the metal part
  • Slowly remove the string
  • Just toss it up. The strength comes from the legs, not the arms
  • To catch. Hold the string taunt and hold the sticks straight up.
  • Choose one of the sticks as your catch point. This end should be much higher than the other stick.
  • Aim for the middle of the yo-yo and let the yo-yo come down on its own
  • (intermediate difficulty)
    Hook the yo-yo (with right hand). If done correctly, your arms should end up crossed
  • Cross the left string with the right stick
  • Poke the left stick under the right
  • Turn both sticks up. If done correctly, you will get an “X” like shape. Tilt the formation to toss the yo-yo onto the top of the “X”
  • Turn the sticks inward and let the string drop

  • Link to video instruction.

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If you need any information, please send your email to: go2clc@yahoo.com  
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