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 Chinese Traditional Dance

Lion Dance

The Lion Dance is one of the most distinctive Chinese cultural arts. It brings good fortune. The Lion Dance is usually performed by group of two or three people. One is at the head and one is at the tail of the lion. The third person usually wears a mask and acts as the "Happy Buddha". The lion dance group is trained by teacher Jammy Yang. The Happy Buddha is performed by teacher Rosa Yeh. The group is frequently invited for the multicultural or celebration events. Major performances in 2003 included the International Adoption Festival at the Olympia Resort in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on 6/14/03.
Major performances in 2004 are Chinese New Year celebration at Oakton Community College; supporting cultural activities for Highland Park Senior Center at Highland Park Country Club on 7/15/04 and in Gary, Indiana on 7/10/04. The group was also invited to perform in the Chinese Folk Festival in August and Double Ten Parade in Chinatown on 10/9/04.


     The traditional Chinese ribbon dance was performed at Shamburg Performing Art Center in 1998.
     This is a classical Chinese dance dates back to the Tang dynasty in the early eighth century. It has been attributed to Emperor Tang-Ming-Hwon and his consort Yang-Gwei- Fei for their musical and dancing talent respectively.
     The Chinese legend has it that Emporor Tang- Ming-Hwon, who reigned from 713-755, once dreamed that he was in the moon palace with many fairies singing and dancing in multicolored cloud-like long robes. The dance with the flowing silk ribbons and accompanied by Chinese instruments- Erhu and Pipa is characterized by its refreshing and poetic mood.

THE SILK FAN DANCE was directed by Mrs. Rosa Yeh and performed by the students of Chicago Northwest Suburban Chinese School(CNSCS) in 1998. This dance describs a group of lively children play games and chase butterflies with round silk fans in the garden. It presents the happiness of Chinese children.

Feather Fan Dance

Fan dance was performed by Adult dancing group featuring teachers Rosa Yeh, T. Chen, H. F. Lee, K. King and J. Yang. Dances were performed at the Double Ten parade at China town on 10/5/03, teacher's day banquet on 9/22/03 in Westmont, Illinois and the International adoption festival in Wisconsin, choreographed by H.F. Lee.


     The sword dance was combined the movement of Tai-Chi sword and traditional Chinese music. It was performed by Rosa Yeh and Jean-Luc Dewez at Holiday Inn in Crystal Lake, IL. Dance teacher Ling-Ling Pao performed sword dance at 2005 Chinese new year celebration in Chicago.


Ribbon dance is one of the most popular Chinese dances. The dance was choreographed by Rosa Yeh.

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